Scholarship Program


In support of its mission to be the premier human resource association on Cape Cod, the Cape Cod Human Resources Association (CCHRA) is pleased to allocate a portion of its proceeds toward two types of scholarship awards.  The funds are allocated annually and are subject to funding availability.  The scholarships available are:

  • Professional Development Scholarships
    To assist applicants in advancing their knowledge in the field of HR Management
  • Membership Scholarships
    CCHRA Up to 100% of CCHRA annual membership, including monthly breakfast meetings (one-time only)

Professional Development & Membership Scholarships

The goal of both the Professional Development Scholarship and the Membership Scholarship is to assist applicants who may not have the financial means, either personally or via their place of employment, to pursue professional development opportunities and enhance their knowledge in the field of human resources.  These scholarships may be utilized to fund course work, continuing education credits, or annual memberships.

Scholarship Award Amount

  • Scholarship rewards are limited to a maximum of $599 per fiscal year.
  • Amount awarded is dependent upon the number of applicants at any one time, and the type of scholarship requested at the time of application.
  • Available funds will be determined by the CCHRA President, Treasurer, and the Scholarship Committee.

Program Parameters

All submissions for scholarship must be approved and appropriate supporting documentation must be provided prior to reimbursement.  Up to $599 per fiscal year may be approved per applicant.   Available funds for the program year will be determined by October 1st each fiscal year.   All funds for the program cycle will be allocated by May 1st each year.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from November 1st through March 31st.  Reimbursement may be requested for:

  • Human resource-related books (for the purpose of coursework only)
  • Continuing education in Human Resources Function /college coursework.
  • Attendance at a preapproved US based human resources or human resources related workshop, seminar or conference (i.e.: CCHRA, NEHRA, SHRM or industry-specific)
  • CCHRA Up to 100% of CCHRA annual membership, including monthly breakfast meetings (one-time only)

How to Apply

All interested applicants must complete and return the CCHRA Scholarship Application form and submit their application to the CCHRA Scholarship Committee.  Approval must be obtained prior to the event/purchase where applicable.  Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

Reimbursement of Funds Process

Approved funds will be reimbursed after the date of the event/purchase with submission to the Scholarship Committee of a paid receipt, as well as a certificate of completion/grade report, where applicable. (A grade of a “C” or better, may be reimbursed.)


  • All applicants must be Cape Cod residents, or be employed by a Cape Cod employer.  The course work requested for reimbursement must be related to the enhancement of the applicant’s professional development in the Human Resources Field.   Applicants must be employed in a human resources department or be responsible for human resources related functions.  HR professionals  who are temporarily in transition between employers are eligible to apply.

*Includes students of human resources who are requesting funds for a membership.